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Horses and photography are two things that have always been a constant in my life. My family has had horses for as long as I can remember. Growing up dyslexic, school was hard for me. I found myself struggling in subjects like math and science while thriving in the arts. Once I was given my first camera and learned the fundamentals behind exposing and developing film, I have been photographing ever since.

Originally from New York, I went west and attended Colorado State University, where I studied photography and played on the varsity girls polo team. I fell more in love with the game on a trip to Argentina during my senior year of college. Not only did this trip to Argentina further my interest in playing polo, but also my love for polo photography. 

Since graduating college, I have been chasing polo through my lens. I am photographing for clubs and clients in places like Texas, California, Wyoming, Florida, and Argentina. As I continue to photograph polo and my own horses, I also plan to explore photographing other types of equine disciplines and events such as show jumping and rodeos. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to combine my interests into a job that I truly enjoy. 

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